Explore the opportunities offered by the region and find your own place in the north!

Jobs in many industries

There are jobs in the North East region in many industries. Tourism, wood and forestry industry, construction and social and health care sector welcomes you to find yout own path. Get to know the industries on this page.

Social welfare and healthcare sector

Quality Services

The social welfare and healthcare sector is a major employer in the Kuusamo, Posio and Taivalkoski area. If you dream of versatile all-round work in small and agile units, this area is the perfect place for you. So, come along and help make the region’s high-quality services possible!


metsätyö hakkuu

Forest and Wood Industries

Work from Forest to Factory

The journey of the northern wood starts from the sustainably managed forests and continues towards various uses here in Finland and around the world. The forests have an impact on the lives of the local people in many ways, bringing about both prosperity and trade. We are proud of our forests and want to take good care of them. Therefore, we in the forest and wood industry work in a professional way, using modern methods while respecting traditions at the same time. (Source: Northern Forest & Wood Association)

Tourism Industry

Be a Part of the Experience

Tourism Industry – that’s where we make memorable moments and highlights! The Kuusamo, Posio and Taivalkoski area is a significant tourist destination and therefore also a major employer for the people in the region. Here you have the chance to become a part of the heartbeat of the international tourism scene or to find your own place in the heart of the wilderness.




Construction, Metal Industry and Manufacturing

From Us to the World

Did you know that one of the largest welding workshops in Finland is located in Taivalkoski? There is a lot of construction going in the North, and investments are made at a steady pace. Therefore, there are plenty of jobs also in the Kuusamo, Posio, Taivalkoski region for e.g. welders, carpenters and HVAC/PHC professionals.


Creative Industries

Nature as Inspiration

For decades, the nature of the Kuusamo, Posio, Taivalkoski region has been a source of inspiration for artists. Kuusamo is known for photographer Hannu Hautala, and in Posio, ceramic artist and designer Anu Pentik has created one of Finland’s most loved interior design houses. Taivalkoski has been put on the Finnish map through the works of author Kalle Päätalo.  Thanks to these pioneers, there is a strong tradition of creative industries that is also a source of a wide variety of different job opportunities.